UP1.3 Marlin firmware released

UP1.3 & Custom Marlin

Today I release the custom Marlin build for UP motherboards, that I have been toying with.

I’m switching over to LPCxpresso and Smoothiware, but figured that this might be of use for old Uppers:)

Zip contains a somewhat fresh Marlin codebase, should be easy enough to adjust and expand for the curious.

It’s lacking in comments, search for ”Patrick”;)

Extruding, moving and temps are working, but the Mega cant really run the 1/128 steppers smooth enough, hence why I am moving to Smoothie and LPC1769

Code and pinouts should also be usable on UP Mini and UP2.0

This breaks warranty and I hold NO responsibility over any malfunctions or personal injuries.


Code and schematics are released under CC4.0



Huge thanks to Michael Klokov for initial reverse engineering:)

Forum thread on UP3d.com

Download zip



BLE Dog fence TI CC2540 – Part 2

BLE Dog fence TI CC2540 – Part 2

Well, we are ready for testing….. 🙂

Sugru for rugged ”weather proof” case….

The BLE Fob will sound when ever the connection to phone drops, some adjustments left there, but good enough to start train dog

There will most likely be a part 3, some day;)

IMG_20150130_095804           IMG_20150130_101835

BLE Dog fence TI CC2540

Making a BLE Dog Collar – Part 1

The participants for this weekend project:

Our dog - Uzzi                      TI CC2540 DK


A dog, who likes rabbits.

A yard without fence


Enter BLE –

TI CC2540 DK http://www.ti.com/tool/cc2540dk-mini

BLE Mini – http://redbearlab.com/blemini/


The plan is to make a  Dog Fence FOB that buzz when the dog runs after the oh so funny rabbits:)

So, I ordered a couple of BLE Minis and quickly realised that I didnt want to use an extra MCU attached, I wanted the BLE Mini and a buzzer.

….. MCU 8051…… BLE Stack…. IAR Workbench …. GATTs and GAPS and what not…. ouch

So, also ordered a CC2540 dk, which happened to have a buzzer already attached, happiness and activated a 30 day trial of IAR 8051

Hugely expensive and sadly not usable for 8051 in kickstarter edition:(

Anyways…. lets see if there will be a part 2

Off coding —-

(If success, then I will use the BLE Minis and write a small android dog fence app….. hopefully)






New furnace in the shed

We just got another  new toy, more oldschool, will be nice to mix with 3dprinting.

Its a portable furnace from Ali Express, see below for first testdrive:

First, a tiny bit of scrap aluminum


Heating up the furnace


821 deg celsius, we are getting there


Starting to show some nice hot colors

Getting there, actually stopped at 900ish, wasnt sure about fuse in shed;)


Oh so hot now, should ofcourse have waited for full heat, but was eager



And finally, small remelted aluminum piece in all its glory, now, where’s the flask and greensand…


UP 3d printer and Composimold

Detta galleri innehåller 7 bilder.

We got our hands on the  ”new” and fantastic mold material from our friends at Composimold – PowerMold

So wihout further ado, we decided to cast the Celtic skull in polymer clay

Celtic Skull by artec3d

chooser_cc chooser_by Creative Commons – Attribution


Prerequsites –  Print on your UP 3dprinter, this was printed with 0.20mm / raftless / fast on kapton tape

Step 1 – Fixate with superglue


Step 2 – After pouring mold and appropriate cooling period – push and form clay into mold

We use Fimo clay, easiest to locate here in Sweden


Step 3 – Bake clay for 10-30 min in 110 deg C


Step 4 – Sand with wet sanding and start with 400 up to 2000 grit – add laquer


Step 5 – Paint, we used copper aerosol here, hence laquer had to go on first



Another great 3d printer usage, from plastic to a more natural material, clay in this example.

You could also produce wax models, i.e. for sand casting maybe.

We used  our trusty UP Plus for this print, in shell mode and fast 0.20mm thickness