UP 3d printer and Composimold

We got our hands on the  ”new” and fantastic mold material from our friends at Composimold – PowerMold

So wihout further ado, we decided to cast the Celtic skull in polymer clay

Celtic Skull by artec3d

chooser_cc chooser_by Creative Commons – Attribution

Prerequsites –  Print on your UP 3dprinter, this was printed with 0.20mm / raftless / fast on kapton tape

Step 1 – Fixate with superglue


Step 2 – After pouring mold and appropriate cooling period – push and form clay into mold

We use Fimo clay, easiest to locate here in Sweden


Step 3 – Bake clay for 10-30 min in 110 deg C


Step 4 – Sand with wet sanding and start with 400 up to 2000 grit – add laquer


Step 5 – Paint, we used copper aerosol here, hence laquer had to go on first



Another great 3d printer usage, from plastic to a more natural material, clay in this example.

You could also produce wax models, i.e. for sand casting maybe.

We used  our trusty UP Plus for this print, in shell mode and fast 0.20mm thickness


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