BLE Dog fence TI CC2540

Making a BLE Dog Collar – Part 1

The participants for this weekend project:

Our dog - Uzzi                      TI CC2540 DK


A dog, who likes rabbits.

A yard without fence


Enter BLE –

TI CC2540 DK

BLE Mini –


The plan is to make a  Dog Fence FOB that buzz when the dog runs after the oh so funny rabbits:)

So, I ordered a couple of BLE Minis and quickly realised that I didnt want to use an extra MCU attached, I wanted the BLE Mini and a buzzer.

….. MCU 8051…… BLE Stack…. IAR Workbench …. GATTs and GAPS and what not…. ouch

So, also ordered a CC2540 dk, which happened to have a buzzer already attached, happiness and activated a 30 day trial of IAR 8051

Hugely expensive and sadly not usable for 8051 in kickstarter edition:(

Anyways…. lets see if there will be a part 2

Off coding —-

(If success, then I will use the BLE Minis and write a small android dog fence app….. hopefully)







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