UP1.3 Marlin firmware released

UP1.3 & Custom Marlin

Today I release the custom Marlin build for UP motherboards, that I have been toying with.

I’m switching over to LPCxpresso and Smoothiware, but figured that this might be of use for old Uppers:)

Zip contains a somewhat fresh Marlin codebase, should be easy enough to adjust and expand for the curious.

It’s lacking in comments, search for ”Patrick”;)

Extruding, moving and temps are working, but the Mega cant really run the 1/128 steppers smooth enough, hence why I am moving to Smoothie and LPC1769

Code and pinouts should also be usable on UP Mini and UP2.0

This breaks warranty and I hold NO responsibility over any malfunctions or personal injuries.


Code and schematics are released under CC4.0


Huge thanks to Michael Klokov for initial reverse engineering:)

Forum thread on

Download zip



3 kommentarer till UP1.3 Marlin firmware released

  • Hey Patrick,

    in your configuration.h you set DEFAULT_AXIS_STEPS_PER_UNIT to 640 (That indicates there are gt2 belts on you mini?)
    my mini has a GT1,5 Belt which would Result in 853.33 steps per UNIT – or am i missing something

    THX, Tammy

  • Hi Tammy,

    My tests are on Up 1.3, Which should have Gt2;)

    take care


  • Hi Patrick! Flashed the controller hooked up according to the pins.h, but the printer is not working. I think that is not properly hooked up. How to understand how connects the printer to the arduino2560? What outputs are digital and which are analog?


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